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Sweet Sushi



A pack of 12 units of sweet Sushi: 3 units of each of the four flavours. "Maki" format.


Preparation instructions

Leave to defrost for half an hour in cold storage. Once defrosted, use within 3 days.


All contain a yoghurt cream with puffed rice that give it a crunchy texture.

  • Chocolate sponge and raspberry gelée.
  • Strawberry sponge and kiwi gelée.
  • Banana sponge and chocolate ganache.
  • Coconut sponge and pineapple gelée.

* The gelées are made with fruit purée and the ganache with chocolate and cream.

Logistical data

estuche A case contains 12 units (3 units of each flavour)
Caja A box contains 15 cases
Pallet A pallet contains 54 boxes