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GELTOKI was born in 1988, when José Mari Pikabea and Carmen Echave decided to open their own cake shop in the centre of San Sebastian in order to develop all the innovative ideas that were buzzing around their heads. These ideas were the result of everything that they were picking up on trips and courses that they frequently attended.

Starting from a long experience in the family, they try to join tradition and innovation and continuously adapt to the requirements, changes and evolution of the market.

In 1999 they decided to expand their offering to the national market and start to offer their products outside of their cake shop in San Sebastian, where they still have their bakery in which they prepare their everyday pastries.

From that point on, through research and innovation, and thanks to the perfect utilisation of the deep-freezing technique as the only method of preservation, they developed a catalogue of products that offer the restauranteur the possibility of having traditional, high-quality pastries available at all times, always using 100% natural raw ingredients and without using any preservatives at all.

"New products, new textures, new combinations of flavours, always with 100% natural raw ingredients" is what the Geltoki philosophy is based on.



100% natural raw ingredients: chocolate, fresh fruit purées, nuts...

Each pastry knows what it has to taste of: when you try our delicious chocolate ingot with hazelnut and wafer crunch, you can appreciate each and every one of its flavours.

You always have available in the kitchen a totally handmade product that is not going to disappoint you.

Adapts to your needs, innovates.



As an inescapable result of the necessity to continuously improve our company in a market that is more competitive every day, Geltoki has a Quality Control System based on APPCC principles and certified by the regulation  UNE-EN-ISO 22000:2005 which allows us to give a better service every day to our customers.

In Geltoki the concept of Quality comes first, for that reason we have a food quality and safety policy based on the following:

  • Traditional manufacture of high-quality products through the selection of the best raw ingredients and control of the whole process, maintaining at every stage a high level of hygiene and complying with all legal requirements and applicable regulations.
  • Continuous innovation of the product range to adapt it to the preferences of the different markets which we are in and contribution of material resources in order to strengthen this innovation.
  • Service adapted to the requirements and needs of the customer, maintaining the products in optimal conditions until they arrive at the consumer.
  • Development and continuous training of the staff in order to be able to achieve the objectives set by the organisation.

All activities are undertaken with the focus on continuous improvement, which consists of planning the expected activities, carrying them out according to the plan, evaluating the results and acting accordingly.